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A Banishing Spell for the New Moon

Hello Witches!

Ever so slightly late with this post but I thought that today I’d give you a simple banishing spell. New moons are the best time for these spells as they’re associated with cleansing and new beginnings.

For this spell you’ll need:

  • A black candle;
  • Salt;
  • Paper and something to write with;
  • A cleansed bowl or cauldron to collect the ashes.

I recommend going outside to perform this spell, in part because of the fire and in part because you will be releasing negative energy into the world and it’s best to do that in an open space where it will disperse rather than gather and linger.

First cast your circle. As you light your black candle, say:

With this light, I cleanse my life.

With this flame, free me from claim.

On your paper, write the name of the person or the situation which you are removing yourself from. Focus hard on it as you hold it above the flame. Once a part of it catches fire, set it in the cauldron or bowl and let it burn to ashes. As it burns, say:

You no longer have a hold on me. Allow me to go in peace.

Let both the paper and the candle burn down. As the candle starts to go out, carefully mix the ashes with salt and bury them. Once the candle is out, close your circle and thank your dieties.

Note: please be careful with fire and ashes. This is a very basic spell and can easily be altered to fit your personal path.

Go in peace.

Green Witchcraft- Reducing Our Footprint

Hello Witches!

I’ve been thinking a lot about being a green witch in our world today. For those who don’t know, a green witch is someone whose craft revolves more around nature. I think it’s important to talk about this in a modern setting since it seems to be so contradictory.

For one thing, I don’t think it’s impossible to be a green witch in today’s world, nor do I think you have to have separation of technology and nature in your craft. Ultimately, all of our resources did first come from nature and though they’ve been manipulated since, you can’t separate that completely. Additionally, to try and isolate yourself from technology doesn’t make sense and isn’t necessary. Where would you even draw that line? Electronics? Internet devices? Every physical tool you use is a piece of technology and to deny it or separate yourself from the further development of it isn’t productive or necessary. Everywhere you look, nature finds a way to include itself. It may be the seasons changing in the park or dandelions pushing their way into cracks on the sidewalk. Remember that nature still surrounds you, you just have to find it.

That said, I do think we should be conscious of several things. The first being that our culture of consumerism is destructive and does harm our planet and the people in it. To help, look for ethically sourced products and try to avoid purchasing in excess. Another issue is our land. We are quickly over-developing any lands we can get our hands on and while that’s a problem we need to work out with our society, it makes it all the more important that we be extra cognoscente when we visit protected lands and forests. I’ve been lectured before by witches who disagreed with me on this so I ask you to keep an open mind. You can have been practicing your craft for decades, visit the most desolate place you can think of, and I still don’t think you should take things from it. It’s a concept for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts called Leave No Trace and in addition to meaning you should avoid leaving trash, it means you should avoid leaving any indication you were there, and we’ll get to why this applies to you in a moment. When you are out in nature, you should stay on trails and designated areas, don’t overturn rocks or break branches, and don’t take things home with you. This last part has a lot of people upset but it’s important. What you take, be it a rock or a flower, is part of the nature around you. It’s part of an ecosystem. Even the smallest thing like a rock houses small organisms which you are now taking out of their native environment. When you picked that flower, you’ve taken away a source of seeds to keep that plant thriving in that area. You’ve changed the energy to the ecosystem you are visiting as a guest. Imagine you came into someone’s home. You wouldn’t pocket anything you like because you have a use for it.

Being a green witch in today’s world means preserving the natural areas we have left. If you have a different opinion or something to add, please comment below. Additionally, if you’d be interested in writing about your path, please let me know!

Go in peace.


Hello Witches!

Today I wanted to talk about grimoires.

A grimoire is a compilation of information used in your craft. It commonly contains things like spells and notes and they’re usually very private items. Generational witches sometimes pass these books along to their children as a family heirloom.

Because grimoires are so personal, a lot of witches try to make theirs as nice as possible. If you would like to have an aesthetically pleasing grimoire, I recommend actually keeping two. The first should be a notebook that you’re not afraid to take notes in and make mistakes. Once you’re confident in the information, it’s then that I recommend you transfer things into a nicer notebook.

Otherwise, it’s important to remember that things can change and you may make mistakes in initially writing something. If you’re not aiming for aesthetic, don’t be afraid to cross things out or make changes.

A grimoire can be a witches greatest tool and it’s probably the only thing I recommend all witches have. It should be something you feel comfortable with though. In meeting other witches and seeing what they use, I’ve seen things from spiral or composition notebooks to binders, leatherbound books, giant journals, and digital copies. The important thing to remember is that this is a reference for you, so make it personal and make it yours.

Personally, I use a leather book that has removable notebooks. It’s a mix between being messy and having nicer aspects. Here’s a few pictures:

Some things that may be good to include in your grimoire are:

  • Favorite spells and notes from casting;
  • Holidays, celebrations, and days of worship for dieties you follow;
  • Reflections on divination readings;
  • Ideas for future rituals;
  • Correspondences;
  • Anything else you can think of because it’s yours!

I don’t mean to come off sounding overenthusiastic about how the right way to do something is your way, but to me so much of witchcraft is like that. It’s constant trial and error and sometimes you just have to go with your gut and do what feels right. The longer you practice, the easier it is to determine what that is.

Once you have a grimoire, there’s a few other things you want to consider. Usually after you begin to use it regularly, you feel a bond with your grimoire. Some people like to keep their grimoire on their alter while others make special lockboxes for it to keep it safe. What you choose may depend on your circumstances. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to cast your circle while writing in your grimoire as it helps to protect the energy and the bond you have with it.

If you have any tips, questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Go in peace.