Hello Witches!

I apologise for my brief absence. It’s been hectic and I’ve struggled to keep up with my craft since my last post.

I thought today we could talk about grounding. As a witch it’s important to be connected to the energy around you. Eventually this becomes second nature but a great way to start is this simple exercise.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Clear your mind and start with what you hear. Focus on each thing you hear and list it off in your head. Move onto what you smell, then what you feel and maybe even what you taste. Take time to think of each thing or person and what it is doing. Think of what it means to you and how it’s interacting with you. After you’ve done all this, open your eyes. Look at the sources of these things. Take some time to observe more about them than their appearance.

Practice this daily and you’ll find yourself having an easier time connecting to the environment around you.

Go in peace.

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