How to Gather Graveyard Dirt

Hello Witches!

I thought today I’d go over the process of respectfully collecting graveyard dirt. It’s important to note that the position of the moon on the night of both collection and use can have an effect based on the basic correspondences of the moon phases. For example, new moons would be best for new beginnings whereas full moons are associated with potent energy and cleansing. While you can still collect on other nights, it may help the effectiveness if you keep this in mind.

On the night that you wish to collect, make sure to bring an offering for the spirit whose grave you’re collecting from. I would recommend bringing something as a ward for protection against unwanted energy and spirits. You’ll also want a jar, a rock, spade, or gloves to aid your collection (optional), and potentially something to aid you in communicating with the spirits, such as a pendelum or scrying ball. I also think it’s best to work from a grave of someone you knew or an older grave that is unlikely to have many visitors. This is both for you and the spirit.

When you’ve approached the grave, cast your circle. Kneel next to the grave, not on it. Keeping focused on your preferred method of communication, introduce yourself and explain your purpose. Explain to them what the dirt will be used for and what you’re offering in return. Speak as respectfully as possible. If you do not get an answer, do not try again that night. Thank them anyway, still leave your offering, then close your circle and leave. If you get a positive response, then collect your dirt with a rock, spade, or your hands, leave your offering, thank the spirit, and close your circle.

Remember to be respectful through the process. You’re asking for help from sprits and if you offend them, you could end up hurting yourself or them.

Please let me know if you have any further suggestions or thoughts on the subject.

Go in peace.


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