A Self Care Glamour Spell

Hello Witches,

I thought I would post my favorite spell for calming anxiety.

You will need:

  • A glass jar or other container
  • Sugar- promotes love and self love
  • Vanilla- promotes happiness, love, energy, and strengthens magick
  • Lavender- for love, peace, and healing
  • Olive oil- a base
  • Candles and music as desired

This spell is designed to be prepared beforehand and used in a ritual bath or shower. I recommend still casting your circle and focusing on the intent of each ingredient as you add it to the jar. Stir the ingredients clockwise to mix.

When you get in the shower, turn out the lights and light your candles. If you’ve chosen to play music, start that as well. Cast your circle and cleanse yourself before using the sugar scrub. As you do so, imagine yourself literally washing off your anxiety and any negativity. Take deep breaths and inhale the sweet, calming smell. Picture your energy cleansing itself and your core brightening.

Once you’ve finished, close your circle, thanking any gods or goddesses you’ve chosen to call upon. I recommend using this spell at night and while I believe it would work better on a new moon (as it promotes fresh beginnings and new loves), you can perform this at any time.

Additionally, this spell is fairly easily changed should you care to use it as inspiration or a base for a spell with a different intent. Coffee or salt would also work as a scrub base if you’re looking for other intents.

Go in peace.


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