Who is a Witch?

Hello Witches,

I think a lot of people have different opinions on this and I’d like to share mine before getting too far. I’ve been a witch for a few years and there was a bit of an on again, off again feel to the first few years when I was still in highschool. When I first started off I was Wiccan but at this point I consider myself to be Pagan. For me it feels a bit more general which I like, but I do still welcome my Wiccan brothers and sisters.

I feel that in the years I’ve been a witch, I’ve seen two sides of a spectrum from people. The first side are the gatekeepers. They argue that not anyone is a witch just because they want to be but that there are certain practices that they have to do or things they have to believe. The other side are those who think everything and anything is witchcraft if that is your intent. I myself lean more towards the latter. To me, witchcraft works in large part due to your intent. And that’s not to discredit correspondences that aid the craft. I just mean that your desire is the biggest part of the equation. I have no interest in controlling what others do or if they actually count as a witch. It’s not my place nor, do I think, is it the place of anyone else to determine that for you.

That said, the aim for this blog is to explore the craft in general so I will not be limiting my exploration to any particular kind of craft. There are areas that I personally don’t delve into but I would welcome guest articles if someone else were interested in speaking on a subject I can’t.

Additionally, I do still strive for accuracy in history, lore, and practices. If I get something wrong I invite you to send me a message. Please include a source if you do so I can look into it further and I’ll be happy to give you credit for pointing out the problem.

Basically, I want to be welcoming and inclusive to all crafts while still being a good and accurate resource to those just starting on their paths. I’m excited to get started.

Go in peace.


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